Group seeks public input for possible expansion of Carrefour de l'Isle-Saint-Jean

A community group is seeking public input on the possible expansion of Charlottetown's French school and community centre.

A meeting is planned for Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Carrefour de l'Isle-Saint-Jean.

Carrefour de l'Isle-Saint-Jean, the French not-for-profit community centre, is attached to École François-Buote.

"It's really to have an idea of what the community would like to see expanded," said Tammy MacWilliams, president of a working group for the Carrefour expansion project.

The group recently formed with the aim of putting together a plan for the complex's future. 

MacWilliams said the school and community have grown much more quickly than anticipated. That prompted community members to come together and begin expansion plans.

'Rather be proactive'

"We're just at the cusp of where it's going to begin to be a problem," she said. "So we'd rather be proactive and try to get some planning underway, knowing that capital or infrastructure projects can take quite some time."

At the meeting, the group will make a presentation and ask for feedback from others on the direction they want the facility to take.

MacWilliams said the meeting is the initial step to creating an official expansion plan. The group hopes to have a plan laid out within the next eight months, she said.

All community members are welcome to the meeting.

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