Grumpy looking robin has a great time bathing in backyard pond

Robins are beautiful birds that inhabit most areas of North America and even Mexico. Here we see one bathing in a backyard pond. Although it looks very angry, it's clear it is having a very good time! As it splashes and dips into the water, the facial features and markings over the eyes make it appear to be holding a serious frown. These birds are called "American Robins" because they are native to North America, and because they have a red breast, similar to the European robin. But the European robin is flycatcher and is in a completely different family. The American robin is actually a thrush, and a songbird. They are abundantly found in all types of habitat. Robins are significant carriers and spreaders of the dangerous West Nile Virus. Although we typically blame crows and jays for this spread, because we see the die from it early and in larger numbers, the robin is just as capable of contracting the virus and then living longer, promoting a greater spread to humans through the mosquitos which are the intermediary hosts. Robins have keen eyesight to help them find their prey; grubs, insects and earthworms, but they actually use their hearing to find food as well. The robin listens carefully for the sound of an earthworm moving just beneath the surface of the ground. It can detect the worm and pounce, pulling it from its hole. They use smell and even detect vibration to find their food. It is believed that birds like the robin bathe in water or in dust to maintain the preferred amount of oil on their feathers and to discourage mites and other parasites.