Guelph-Eramosa council to hold public meeting on housekeeping amendment

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The Township of Guelph/Eramosa will be hosting a public meeting at next Monday’s council meeting as proposed changes to the housekeeping amendment have been posted.

At the Aug. 19 council meeting, the planning staff of the township brought forward an information report to the council about the housekeeping amendment the township has initiated. During that meeting, council motioned staff to include a general understanding of proposed changes in the report, and to seek direction to proceed with a public meeting.

As a result, staff has drafted a list of proposed changes to the zoning bylaw.

The proposed changes are listed below:

• Correction of errors, typos and the renumbering of sections;

• Include new definitions: driveway, motor vehicle and snow storage;

• Update existing definitions: dwelling, apartment; cemetery; restaurant and transport establishment;

• Add a section for expansions to legal non-conforming uses;

• Simplify provision for lots that do not meet the minimum lot area and frontage


• Add to the list of restricted uses in all zones;

• Clarify how driveway width is calculated;

• Update the accessible parking standards;

• Add a size cap for maximum gross floor area for farm home industries and the need for

these uses to be the sole use in a building;

• Clarification that existing and new livestock facilities are permitted on lots 0.8 ha (2 ac)

lots or larger;

• Additional buffer strip requirements for the Rural Industrial (M1) Zone; and

• Mapping updates: introduce mapping for Guelph Lake Conservation Area, and updating Source Water Protection screening schedules

This list has been shown around internal staff and the statutory commenting agencies for review.

The upcoming public meeting will be held as a way to get comments from the public about the proposed changes, so township staff can have a better understanding of whether the changes are good or not.

Angelica Babiera, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

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