Guelph-Eramosa Township is set to reopen municipal office on Jan. 1

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Guelph-Eramosa Township is planning to reopen its municipal office to the public in the new year, as staff is now 100 percent fully vaccinated.

“Based on implementing our administration vaccination policy, we can say that 100 percent of the staff in this building are fully vaccinated,” said CAO Ian Roger during Wedesday's committee of the whole meeting.

The township’s vaccination policy requires all staff to be vaccinated and to confirm their vaccination status by Oct. 22. It applies to all current and new employees, but it does not include crossing guards as they work outside.

“Crossing guards haven’t been a priority only because they work outside and deal with five to 12-year-olds who are currently unvaccinated,” said Roger.

“So, depending on what the federal and provincial government do with approved vaccines, there may be further work required in terms of viewing vaccination levels of our crossing guards.”

With this announcement, Roger also informed the committee that staff is planning to reopen the office to the public.

“Due to the Delta variant, the province hasn’t announced that the pandemic is over, so the staff is looking to reopen the office to the public on January 1st,” said Roger.

“By then, I think we’ll be advised whether or not we need to ask people for their vaccination status in order to get in.”

Roger notes there’s currently a mixed implementation on the vaccination status policy around the province, as such, the township will be watching out for provincial guidelines for the next 10 weeks before reopening the office.

However, the township will continue to follow and maintain public health and provincial guidelines such as wearing masks, hand sanitation areas, and social distancing.

Councillors confirmed they are satisfied with the January 1st reopening date.

Angelica Babiera, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

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