A guide to finding those creepy, giant skeletons around Saskatoon

Large skeletons are haunting neighbourhoods throughout Saskatoon. (Leisha Grebinski/CBC News - image credit)
Large skeletons are haunting neighbourhoods throughout Saskatoon. (Leisha Grebinski/CBC News - image credit)

Massive skeletons with haunting faces and scary LED eyes are rising from the graves and appearing in a number of front yards around the city.

CBC's Saskatoon Morning crew took a special interest in the giant skeletons that are decorating lawns for Halloween, and put out a call to listeners to find out where these skeletons could be found.

With a list in hand, CBC's Candice Lipski tracked down 13 of the giant skeleton decorations adorning front lawns in all areas of the city.

Lipski said during her search she also came across a number of giant ghosts to tingle the spine of trick or treaters.

"They're everywhere," she said.

Lipski mapped out the temporary homes of the giant decoration found in Saskatoon. More on the decorations can be found on Instagram.


Where do 12-foot skeletons come from?

Lipski says back in 2020, Home Depot began selling these enormous 12-foot skeletons commonly known as Skelly.

"And since then their popularity has just grown and grown," Lipski said.

Lipski vent to see the skeletons at the source.

"It's the first thing that I saw when I walked in was this giant skeleton. It's just, it's right there. It's right there staring at you," she said.

Leisha Grebinski/CBC News
Leisha Grebinski/CBC News

"The reaction to it was was varied, but everyone, like every single person, took note of it in some way or another.

"My favourite [reaction] was when I saw someone who stopped and got the person that they were with to to take a picture of them and Skelly."

Home Depot store manager Trina Glass says though Skelly is quite large with freaky eyes, most people adore it.

"Overall we don't see a lot of frightening, frightening responses," Glass said. "Even the kids will kind of look a little fearful at the beginning, but then they absolutely love him.

"We had a little girl the other day at the cash register reminding her mom that they needed to go back and visit Skelly before they left the store."

Glass said the scale of the skeleton is part of the appeal.

"You can see it from so far away and it's just one of those things that kind of takes you by surprise as you drive by. I think he's very real looking as well," she said.

A few other massive decorations have joined Skelly because of its success.

"There's a 12-foot pumpkin king and a 12-foot flying witch," Lipski said.

And even with a price tag of up to $400, Glass said they fly off the shelves.