Gun show brings potential to expand, host says

A South Gillies event showcasing vintage hunting rifles and other gun-related paraphernalia has the potential to have a broader appeal, the organizer says.
"I'm hoping for a good turnout, because ideally this could turn into an outdoors show, not just a gun show," Kyle Tyo said this week.
Tyo said he has about 20 exhibitors lined up for the Saturday show, and has room for just over 30 if there are some last-minute entries.
He said he expects various shotguns and rifles to be on display and for sale, including the Second World War-era British .303.
"They're affordable, and kind of neat," Tyo said.
Often for nostalgic reasons, some hunters prefer older-model rifles when stalking for moose or deer, even though they're heavier to carry around than modern hunting weaponry, Tyo added.
The gun show is to take place at the Gillies Community Centre on Highway 595 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Entry fee is $5.
Purchasers of firearms must present a valid Possession and Acquisition Licence.

Carl Clutchey, Local Journalism Initiative reporter, The Chronicle-Journal