Time Lapse Shows The Making Of A Guitar In Only 6 Minutes

Have you ever felt like there are things in this world that are so mesmerizing that you can’t fathom the notion of them originating from the Earth? It doesn’t have to be anything scientific, we’re talking about everyday objects that we’ve grown so used to, but we can not explain the way they work for the life of us.

One such object is a musical instrument. There is something so captivating about the way such a tiny thing can cause such a grand sound, but how is it made? How can the whoosh of air coming through your lips transform in the tube of the flute to create a high pitched tone? How can a strum of your fingers create the greatest melodies known to man? It all boils down to sound waves. Basically, by using the instrument, we create vibrations that our ears later perceive as sound. It’s nothing but physics and it takes a bit of genius to be able to gather and coordinate this vibrations in order to create those mesmerizing melodies.

Creating instruments is an art in itself. It takes talent and understanding of how vibrations work in order to create such a masterpiece. This time lapse shows us how a guitar is handmade in only six minutes. It is easier these days to let machines create these instruments, but it is humbling to know that there are people who still want to maintain this art by practicing it themselves, the same thing ancestors before them had done for centuries.