This Guy's 'Dudeoir' Photo Session Wins Wedding Presents

This groom posed for a hilariously sexy photo shoot for his bride-to-be.
(Photo: Courtesy of Michael Novo Photography)

In the spirit of equal opportunity sexual objectification, dudeoir photo shoots have been around for a few years now. But they haven’t caught on as much as the more traditional female boudoir shoots that women do for their partners (and for themselves). We’re hoping that these opulent photos of Chicago groom Kenny Dedic will really cement the dudeoir trend.

“One of the foundations for my relationship with my fiancee (now wife) is I’m a jokester, and I just make jokes all the time,” Dedic tells Yahoo Style. When he was thinking of what to give his then bride-to-be before their wedding he thought to himself, “I’ve got to do something crazy. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to do it. I just want to make her laugh.”

Gladiator in the dudoir. (Photo: Courtesy of Michael Novo Photography)

His friend, professional photographer Michael Novo, had done plenty of women’s boudoir shoots before and wanted to branch out. “Not a lot of guys would come forward and say that they’re all about it,” Novo tells Yahoo. “This is the first chance, and I thought I would try to make it as big and bold as I possibly could.”

Dedic’s first idea was to make a calendar for his wife-to-be Jenna, but Novo convinced him to make something that would last longer than 12 months. They decided to take enough photos to fill a leather-bound photo album.

Cubs fan in the dudeoir. (Photo: Courtesy of Michael Novo Photography)

So, Dedic took a day off of work and spent five hours modeling for Novo at Chicago’s Boutique Photo Loft, a space with a selection of backdrops and sets for elaborate shoots like this one. And yes, they supply costumes, too.

Dedic, an outgoing natural foods sales rep, seemed nervous at first. “He’s normally a very vibrant outgoing guy, and I noticed when he showed up, he was awfully quiet and almost on the timid side,” Novo said.

Lavish in the dudeoir. (Photo: Courtesy of Michael Novo Photography)

“I took a couple shots of whiskey, a little liquid encouragement,” Dedic admitted.

They began with the Cubs uniform (Dedic’s a big fan), and things took off from there. As you can see, Novo was able to work with his friend to pull his silly personality back out for the photos.

“I usually just say [to clients], bring your own ideas but come with an open mind, because I think it’s almost a synergy of the photographer working with the subject,” Novo said. “You’re mixing the salt and pepper and shaking them both together.”

Phone calls in the dudeoir.
(Photo: Courtesy of Michael Novo Photography/

On his wedding day last weekend, when Jenna gave him a watch and a handwritten note, Dedic sent all his groomsmen to present her with the book.

“She was dying laughing the whole time,” Dedic said. “Do I have some favorites that I think are kind of sexy? Sure. But the overall thing is really to get a laugh out of it.”

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