Hailey Baldwin Celebrates Levi's 501 Day at Star-Studded Party

Colleen Kratofil
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Hailey Baldwin Celebrates Levi's 501 Day at Star-Studded Party

Hailey Baldwin Hosts Levi's 501 Day Celebration Party

Over the weekend, Hollywood’s hottest young stars came out to celebrate one of the most iconic (and popular) jean styles of the past century — the Levi's 501.

The brand threw an epic bash in Los Angeles on Saturday with the coolest lineup of buzzy stars.

The face of the latest 501 campaign, Hailey Baldwin, hosted the party also attended by actor Moisés Arias, singer Cody Simpson and actor Josh Peck, as well as some of Baldwin’s famous model friends, Candice Huffine and Joan Smalls, who were all decked out in Levi’s denim and danced along to a performance by Jaden Smith and DJ set by Heron Preston, who designed limited-edition jeans for the occasion.

In honor of the anniversary, Preston reinterpreted 501 styles for both men and women, with each style showcasing his signature streetwear designs. The two jeans, which feature distressed detailing, are available now at select Levi’s and Nordstrom stores worldwide.

In addition to modeling in her own 501 campaign, Baldwin wore Preston’s designs in a photo shoot with the designer as well. “Levi’s is just a really iconic brand — it’s the best denim brand,” Baldwin previously told PEOPLE about her campaign.

And now that she has a closet full of 501’s, she says she loves styling them with a crop top, sneakers or boots. “Whatever you feel comfortable in, you can’t go wrong,” she said.

The official anniversary date of the 501’s is May 20, 1873 when Levi Strauss received the patent for riveted denim pants. Strauss was the first to put copper rivets in the corners of the pockets to keep them from ripping and made the openings stronger and more secure. The “waist overalls,” as they were called back then, became the unofficial uniform of miners during the Gold Rush and thanks to design innovations, eventually turned into the must-have denim for big-time movie stars who helped make the jean more mainstream in the ’50s.

While Levi’s is always pushing the brand forward by teaming up with the hottest stars of the moment, we’re looking back at the stars who popularized the iconic style way back when.

Marlon Brando

In the 1950s, Hollywood’s rebellious bad boys, like actor Marlon Brando, expanded the reach of the pants to go beyond Western cowboys to an everyday must-have item.

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Marilyn Monroe

Monroe wore Levi’s in her last film, The Misfits, in 1961.

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Bruce Springsteen

And thanks to a famous “501® Blues” television advertising campaign and Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the U.S.A. album cover, the blue jean made a huge comeback in 1984 — propelling the brand forward to being named “Fashion Item of the 20th Century” by Time magazine in 1999. 

Currently, the brand’s celebrity following is so strong that it’s constantly collaborating with stars like Snoop Dogg and Justin Timberlake (who just designed his own capsule with Levi’s last year).