Hailey Bieber did the watercolour blush technique so we want to try, natch

From soap eyebrows to puppy eyeliner, we’re suckers for a viral makeup style, and the newest to hit our Instagram feeds seems to be Hailey Bieber's super-natural “watercolour blush” technique.

Beauty creator Tara Sighary explained that one of Hailey’s makeup artists uses a specific trick for her blusher, that keeps her makeup looking dewy, natural and glowy.

The influencer explained in an Instagram video that makeup artist Leah Darcy blends a mixture of cream blusher with moisturiser to create a sheer, healthy look which Sighary describes as a “watercolour” technique.

Sighary uses a berry-coloured YSL cream blush, mixed with barrier restore cream by Hailey’s brand Rhode, paints the mixture along her cheekbones, then adds a touch more blush with her fingers to the apples of her cheeks to bring out the colour.

“It creates something exactly like water colouring… that’s the only way I can explain it!” Sighary said. “It’s see-through and you can still see my skin.”

She added: “It’s not opaque, and it gives you that illusion that my skin is very healthy without having makeup on.”

Sighary explains that the look “gives the illusion that you have the perfect skin”, so it’s perfect for the barely-there makeup trend still dominating our feeds.

She added that a few little fake freckles and beauty marks can even add to the illusion, creating the effect of a sheer coverage with your natural skin peeking through.

There you have it, quick, glowy cheeks just in time for Christmas party season!

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