Hailey Bieber’s Rhode Beauty Brand Launches Cleanser

Hailey Bieber is starting 2024 with a clean slate.

The founder, creative director and chairwoman of beauty brand Rhode is introducing her brand’s first launch for 2024: a cleanser with pineapple enzymes, green tea and polyglutamic acid.

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Named the Pineapple Refresh Daily Cleanser, it will launch on Rhode’s website Jan. 25. Launching a cleanser was always in the cards for Rhode, Bieber said, noting that customers’ appetites for a face wash are high.

“Cleanser is a really requested [stock keeping unit],” Bieber said. “It’s something that we have been working on for four years. It was meant to be part of the lineup when we launched and I just didn’t think it was special enough or different enough [yet]. It wasn’t the one [that] we finally have now.”

The product’s texture, which goes on as a balm before emulsifying into a lather, was part of Bieber’s efforts to differentiate the launch from other cleansers. “What stuck out to me the most was that in the world of cleansers, it’s quite hard to make it special,” she continued. “My biggest goal with this cleanser was that it doesn’t feel like anything else that’s out there, and it doesn’t do what other cleansers do.”

Rhode initially launched in 2022 with a serum, a moisturizer and lip balms. After one year, it expanded with an essence and eventually into makeup with tinted incarnations of its hero lip products, the Peptide Lip Treatment. Bieber said the brand’s launch cadence will accelerate in the year ahead.

“This one was four years in the making and is only coming out now. We were only able to plan so far out [pre-launch],” she said. “We’re learning, we’re growing, we’ve seen how far out we have to plan and what the demand might be. People are going to be pleasantly surprised with our cadence because it’s still going to be very thoughtful drops, but things will be coming out that we’ve had planned since launching the brand.”

The move into cleansing comes as Rhode’s recently promoted president Lauren Ratner aims to marry the core business with buzzy partnerships — such as the Rhode and Krispy Kreme partnership from last year.

Bieber also stars in the cleanser’s launch campaign, which includes Candice Swanepoel, Ajok Daing and Bianca Blakeney. “I thought for a long time about doing a Rhode calendar; I’ve always loved the vintage Pirelli calendars and was very inspired by that,” Bieber said. “This felt like the right time because this cleanser is for every day, every week, every month of the year. It works in every climate.”

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