I started losing my hair due to stress — and this $18 hair serum was a miracle-worker

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This past year was by far the hardest of my life. I had to deal with a breakup, a lack of job security and a parent being diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. I was also faced with other heartbreaks and indignities that life sometime throws at you.

I knew that I needed help to cope with all the stress in my life, so I started seeing a therapist, which helped tremendously with my mental health. What came as a surprise, however, was the toll the situation started to take on my physical health.

As a woman of South Asian descent, I’ve always had what I affectionately call “brown girl hair” - lots and lots of hair with volume that’s hard to tame. My hair is so thick I’ve actually broken two brushes while trying to comb through my tresses.

My hairdresser recently mentioned that the back of my head had more hair volume than the front, something that hadn’t happened since my university days. I got home and looked at my scalp. I couldn’t believe how thin the hair at the front of my head had become in just a few short months. I stopped wearing my hair up, because I felt that it showed how sparse it looked and became very self-conscious about it.

I knew that factors causing me stress would be ongoing, so I decided I needed to find a solution. After doing a bit of research, I spotted a hair serum from The Ordinary, a brand I’ve used for skincare issues in the past and comes at a radically-low price point.

Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density

SHOP IT: Sephora, $17.90

After only a week of using the serum, I noticed that the pesky dandruff I get in the winter had all but disappeared. After a month, I could see baby hairs springing up in the thinner patches that used to be thick. I will say it is a bit awkward to have baby hairs growing while the rest of your hair is long, but I’m just grateful it’s coming back at all.

This serum is just $17.90, has no scent and absorbs pretty quickly into the scalp. As someone with oily hair, and I found it best to use before bed so that it can fully absorb overnight. Although I have used it in the morning when I’ve forgotten to the night before.

With more than 50,000 “loves” on Sephora, this serum is a hit among women dealing with hair loss.

“So glad I found this. I’m four months postpartum and experiencing temporary hair loss,” wrote one reviewer. “I tried to take a biotin supplement, but the one I chose caused severe stomach cramping (never again!), so I searched for something topical. I noticed a difference after the FIRST use: more volume, a calmer scalp, more bounce in my hair. This little jar gave me my confidence back.”

“The most effective hair growth product I have ever tried!” raved another. “It gave me so much improvement in volume so fast after using less than a fourth of a bottle.”

“I have used this everyday for two months and I have pretty significant hair loss,” wrote a third customer. “I have tried countless other products with no results. I now have crazy amounts of 1-2’ hair sprouting up on my hairline and part. I didn’t notice until I went to part my hair to blow dry and got frustrated with all the baby hair. That’s when I was like “WTF this is working.”’

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