Hair stylist incredibly comforts extremely sensitive kid

"Ever since he was little he’s always been extremely sensitive with anyone touching his hair or face. Water can’t go near his eyes, a hat or sunglasses are always with me in case the sun is really bright and walking on grass barefoot is challenging. We always take things slow, lots of patience and grace. Today we decided to try getting his haircut at a salon and it was hard to get him there, but when he walked in and met Ms. Vicki everything faded. She sprayed water on his head, took scissors and clippers without him flinching, he even laughed. Ms. Vicki doesn’t fully know the impact she has had and the forever memory she created for us. Our guy faced some fears this week and is growing at his own pace and I’m here for it all. Now I need some tissues and some celebratory donuts!" Credit/Instagram: @kaylatompkins87

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