Halifax activist on global list of 100 influential people of African descent

Halifax activist on global list of 100 influential people of African descent

A Halifax anti-violence activist has been named to an international list of the 100 most influential people of African descent under 40.

Quentrel Provo joins celebrities such as Jordan Peel, Donald Glover and the cast and directors of the movie Black Panther, as well as prominent community and business leaders from around the world.

"I am still trying to put it into words, to be top 100. It's a humbling feeling," he said Saturday morning.

The list is compiled by an organization called Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD). It came into being after the United Nations decreed 2015-2024 as the international decade for people of African descent.

According to its website, the organization "identifies high achievers of African descent in public and private sectors."

Anti-violence rallies

Provo is well known in Halifax as the founder of the Stop the Violence, Spread the Love campaign and has organized many peace walks around the city throughout the years.

One of his first anti-violence rallies was organized in 2012 after his cousin, Kaylin Diggs, died after being assaulted outside a downtown Halifax bar.

Last year, Provo organized a viewing of the superhero movie Black Panther for 400 young people of African descent.

The event, which provided free tickets for the young people, allowed them to see themselves reflected on the big screen in a positive way, Provo said.

His current project is creating a talk show for young black people that will be be aired on Facebook.

Awards ceremony in New York

"I'm basically giving them a platform to showcase their talent through dance, poetry and what have you. To highlight their academic and athletic achievements as well as giving them a platform to show their voice on issues," he said.

"We're going to talk about everything from bullying and violence to racism, all the different issues that our youth face across the province. So that's gonna be launched in the next few months, hopefully."

He said Facebook was chosen as the broadcast venue after his poll of high school students showed many do not watch television, instead choosing online sources for news and entertainment. 

"That way we can share it across the world."

Provo will receive his award in September at a ceremony in New York City, which will follow the opening of the 74th UN General Assembly.