Downtown Halifax horse stable quarantined after highly contagious infection discovered

Downtown Halifax horse stable quarantined after highly contagious infection discovered

Horses at a downtown Halifax stable are in quarantine after a highly contagious respiratory infection was discovered Sunday.

The Halifax Junior Bengal Lancers made the announcement in a Facebook post.

"We have just received word back from our veterinarian confirming a case of strangles in our barn," the post reads.

Strangles is caused by Streptococcus equi equi bacterium. It can cause enlarged lymph nodes in a horse's throat, which can impair its breathing.

The disease is highly contagious to horses, but the general public is not at risk, the group said.

All of the Halifax Junior Bengal Lancers' regular programs have been suspended and all horses are being cared for by staff only, according to the post.

"All staff are following strict disinfection protocols. Most of our horses remain healthy, and we are doing everything in our power to keep it that way," the post reads.

Stables closed to the public

The stables are closed to the public until further notice.

All horses have been restricted from leaving the premises since the initial onset of the symptoms.

While the public may still see the horses being exercised by staff, the group says that is not part of the regular recreational programming.

The Halifax Junior Bengal Lancers is warning other equestrians to not let their horse touch noses or share water buckets or feeding tubs with other horses.

There have been several cases of strangles so far this year. It was discovered in a P.E.I. barn in May. Four horses from the same stable, east of Charlottetown, were affected. Veterinarians have also confirmed at least one case in New Brunswick as well. 

CBC News reached out to the Halifax Junior Bengal Lancers Monday, but no one from the stable was available for comment.