Halifax businesses not likely to be compensated for losses due to construction

Any Halifax business hoping to be compensated for lost revenue because of construction shouldn't hold its breath.

On Tuesday, Halifax regional council will voting on a plan to update an administrative order on municipal construction bylaws.

While it includes a plan to deal with rodents, compensation to businesses that lose money because of construction is out of the question.

The staff report acknowledged concern businesses in downtown Halifax have about impacts to their operations from construction projects, and notes the call for compensation to help offset lost income.

But it says there is "no ability" under the HRM charter for the municipality to compensate businesses affected by longer-term street closures where the municipality is acting within the scope of its authority and not undertaking the work itself.

While compensation "remains and issue for the business community," the report notes the intent of the administrative order is to lessen the impacts of construction and "avoid disruption of business activities."

Steve Berry/CBC

Those concerned about rodents from construction should be pleased with the administrative order's amendment that includes a rodent-control plan.

Currently, there are no requirements in existing guidelines for rodents.

The new administrative order would require a rodent-control plan to be provided for all cases where a construction-management plan is required, unless exempted by an engineer.