Halliburton makes 'difficult decision' to suspend well cementing operations in Alberta

The global oil services giant Halliburton is going to suspend its well cementing operations in Alberta, where it has operated since 1926, by year-end.

The Houston-based company confirmed in an email to CBC News that its cementing product service line in Western Canada will stop operating at the end of this year.

"We made this difficult decision because we do not foresee the ability for the product line to provide a sufficient rate of return," said company spokesperson Emily Mir.

"We will continue to provide specialty cementing solutions, blends and chemical additives to our customers that require our proprietary products and processes."

The company did not say how many jobs will be affected.

It said other product lines in Canada will continue to operate.

Halliburton has had operations in Canada since 1926, when the New Method Oil Well Cementing Company set up shop in Alberta.

The company has about 75,000 employees in roughly 80 countries.