Halloween 2020: Here is a List of Scary Movies Based on the Spooky Festival

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October 31 is celebrated as Halloween in many parts of the world. Traditionally, people celebrating the festival dress up as supernatural figures such as vampires, witches and ghosts, but with time, the Halloween costumes also include popular characters from contemporary times.

There have been several scary movies that are either based on the theme of Halloween or show the celebration of the festival. We bring to you the names of the movies which you can watch this Halloween weekend.

• Halloween (1978)

The horror movie starring Nick Castle in the role of the antagonist Michael Myers is a must watch on Halloween. The movie is set on the night of Halloween and as its co-producer Debra Hill once said, it is inspired from the traditions of the festival. It is the story of how a 6-year-old boy murders his sister and comes back 15 years later to murder another sister.

• Scream (1996)

The movie is based in the fictional town of Woodsboro where a high school student becomes the target of a killer who was wearing a Ghostface Halloween mask. The Ghostface goes on to kill many people in the town, while many are suspected to be the serial killer.

• Ghostbusters (1984)

In this film, three scientists are shown investigating the paranormal but they get fired from their jobs. That is when they decide to create Ghostbusters — a service that investigates and eliminates supernatural elements.

• Halloweentown (1998)

This Disney film shows a girl named Marnie and her mother Gwen, both of whom are witches. It shows the journey of Marnie with her siblings into Halloweentown where her grandmother, who is also a witch, lives with other witches, vampires and monsters.

• Halloween (2018)

The movie continues the story of the 1978 film where the killer is now at a mental health facility and is to be transferred to a higher security prison. He escapes and goes back to attack his sister Laurie who had managed to survive in the first film.