Halsey Just Shaved Her Head Bald And Holy Sh*t She Looks Amazing

Starr Bowenbank
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Photo credit: Neil Mockford - Getty Images
Photo credit: Neil Mockford - Getty Images

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  • Halsey debuted a brand new hairstyle on TikTok.

  • Halsey shaved her head into a buzzcut and later explained she did it because she missed being bald.

It's been a minute since Miss Ashley Frangipane—I mean, Halsey, whoops–has made a major hair change. Before you come for me, yes, I know she had her hair dyed a beautiful auburn shade and her roots dyed in delightful rainbow colors while promoting her recent album, Manic. But Halsey's chill hair phase is officially over, because she did something hella dramatic!

On TikTok, Halsey posted a video of herself in a long brown wig and then flipped her head to reveal that—surprise!!!—she has a buzzcut now, and honestly...homegirl looks great, hair or no hair.

Some fans of Halsey's wondered if there was any particular reason why she decided to shave her head. Halsey's response? Nope, no reason at all! "I was growing it out for so long and I told myself I wouldn’t shave it 'til I saw what it was like healthy and long and then I saw it healthy and long and said 'mm this is nice but I miss bald.' and then so I did it!" she told a fan on Twitter.

Halsey shaved her head once before in 2015 and explained why she felt it was super important for her to do at the time. "Hair has also been a big indicator of racial issues in my life," she told NYLON. "It’s one of the ultimate symbolic struggles for women of color. Shaving my head was important to me because I needed to be able to prove that I could still love myself if I did it."

And for the record, she is so into her look (as she should be!):

We love to see it!

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