Halton police launch project ‘unplated’

The Halton Police have launched Project #Unplated, a new initiative to identify and charge unplated motorcycles and dangerous drivers.

Throughout the summer, photos of unplated motorcycles driving in the Halton region will be posted on HRPS social media accounts using the hashtag #Unplated in the hope that the public can help identify these motorists. The photos will be sourced from footage captured by the in-car camera systems in HRPS cruisers.

To date, there have been nearly 60 incidents of vehicles failing to stop for police in Halton this year. A significant percentage of these incidents involve motorcycles, a number expected to rise with the warm summer weather. These unplated motorcycles are frequently associated with racing, stunt driving, and other dangerous driving behaviours.

Motorcyclists are vulnerable road users and are over-represented in collision fatalities. The HRPS aims to increase road safety for all users through heightened enforcement via Project #Unplated, which will run until the end of September 2024.

Laura Steiner, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Milton Reporter, Milton Reporter