Hamburger Helper Is Changing

Everyone's favorite childhood dinner is getting a makeover.

Hamburger Helper has always been known for its quick and affordable home-cooked dinners. These box meals usually include a dried carbohydrate—such as pasta or rice—and seasonings, so you can customize it to your liking with your own protein, dairy, and fresh veggies.

Did we mention how inexpensive these boxes are? You can usually find a box of Hamburger Helper at your local grocery store or retailer for just a couple of bucks. With inflation still so high, that’s a dinner price we can get on board with.

Hamburger Helper recently upgraded its classic dinners, so there is more to enjoy with this already-appreciated meal.

Hamburger Helper Reformulates Its Box Meals

Eagle Foods took over Hamburger Helper from General Mills in 2022 and recently revamped 30 Hamburger Helper varieties to help get a delicious dinner on the table even faster.

Sure, these quick and easy one-pan meals were already fast to prep and cook, but now hungry eaters can enjoy reduced cooking times by an average of 15 percent.

<p>Eagle Foods</p>

Eagle Foods

But faster cooking time isn’t the only big change in Hamburger Helper. The company also adjusted sauces, pasta, and flavor ingredients based on consumer feedback. You can expect robust herbs, spices, and flavors in the entire product lineup.

The best part is that even after all these improvements, you can still find your favorite Hamburger Helper box at a very affordable price. While prices vary depending on your location, we found some boxes online at Target for $1.79 and at Walmart for $2.63.

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