Hanging holiday lights? Don't let squirrels dim your display

Hanging holiday lights? Don't let squirrels dim your display

Halloween is behind us, and bright holiday lights may already be dotting your neighbourhood.

As it turns out, people aren't the only ones who appreciate the displays.

Remember those squirrels we warned you about?

Pumpkins aren't the only thing they like to take a bite out of.

Bill Dowd, founder and CEO of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control tells us they are notorious for chewing through electrical wiring because like beavers, their teeth never stop growing, lengthening by about 6 cm each year.

And the newer wiring on holiday lights and in cars may be extra appealing because a lot of it is soy-based.

"Squirrels and rodents are attracted to that," Bill says, "and then they start chewing."

"We're seeing more and more of those caches of nuts inside people's cars, and chewing the electrical wiring of brand new cars because mice and rats and squirrels are getting in there."

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So, what can be done?

Bill says it's tricky. His company offers a service that sets up, maintains, and takes down holiday decorations - and even his professionals have to contend with sneaky squirrels.

If you want to keep squirrels at bay, you could try setting up a decoy - like a realistic-looking plastic owl.

Here's some good news: Bill says his company hasn't received any calls about rodents chewing through inflatables, so your larger-than-life reindeers, snowmen, and other holiday mascots will likely remain unscathed.

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