What happens next, now that Anthony Rota has resigned as Speaker?

OTTAWA — Members of Parliament are set to elect a new Speaker next week, following the resignation of Anthony Rota.

Rota resigned yesterday after facing calls from all major parties to step down for inviting man who fought for the Nazis to attend an address to Parliament by Ukraine's president last week and honouring him during the event.

The House of Commons adopted a motion last night to hold an election for a new Speaker on Oct. 3.

Until then, Bloc Quebecois MP Louis Plamondon — the longest-serving member of Parliament — will be the interim Speaker and preside over the election.

The role of the Speaker is to impartially ensure the orderly flow of business in the House of Commons and that parliamentary rules are observed by all MPs.

Conservative MP Chris d'Entremont, who is already a deputy Speaker, has indicated he plans to run for the role, as has Liberal MP Greg Fergus.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Sept. 27, 2023.

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