Hardeep Singh Kohli's luck runs out: Comedian evicted from 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Laura Hannam
Hardeep Singh Kohli evicted after surviving three evictions.

It was the psychic vs. the comedian on tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother as Sally Morgan and Hardeep Singh Kohli faced eviction.

And after surviving three nominations, Kohli’s luck finally ran out. The fifth evicted housemate, Singh appeared remarkably serene as he left the CBB house.

Although Kohli had butted heads with Morgan over the last few days, with some viewers even accusing her of bullying him, he had nothing but kind words to say about her when speaking to CBB host Emma Willis.

“Sally has a massive following” he said. “She is a woman who has been doing this for forty years…she’s also interesting and has great stories,” he said.

He also claimed to be ‘a little Radio 4’ and that he was ‘winning the day he walked in.’

As per all evictees, Kohli was forced to watch the contestants giving their reasons for nominating him.

This included Ryan Thomas claiming Kohli was ‘socially awkward’ while Dan Osborne said sometimes he made him feel ‘uncomfortable.’

Hardeep Singh Kohli has left the Celebrity Big Brother house. (REX/Shutterstock)

Kohli responded by joking, “I’ve saved a lot of money on lunches” and then admitted “there is some truth in what they say” and “I come from a different world” and blamed the likes of Gabby Allen from coming from “that Instagram generation.”

However the real star of the episode was undoubtedly former Cheers actress Kirstie Alley. She confessed to once ‘pooping her pants’ while driving in California and putting ‘one diaper at the front and one at the back’ to protect her car seats.

The day revolved around an oldfashioned computer with ‘dial-up’ internet called ‘Biggy’ dishing out tasks of various ridiculousness.

One hilarious task involved ‘Biggy’ demanding Dan Osborne give Kirstie Alley a lap dance to Ginuwine’s hit 1995 song ‘My Pony.’

As a self-confessed ’embarassed’ Alley enjoyed the dance, Gabby Allen, who was rumoured to have had an affair with married Osborne just months ago, looked sternly on.

Kirstie Alley then recalled a funny story while filming 1989’s Look Who’s Talking. A pilot on set had asked her to hug his wheelchair bound son. Happily obliging, the pilot’s son repeatedly hugged her and eventually fell onto her pushing them both onto the floor.

Finally it was revealed to be a prank by none other than Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson who was posing as the pilot’s son.

As the episode drew to a close, Emma Willis revealed that Monday’s winner will be decided by viewers voting for their favourite housemate out of the six remaining.

Celebrity Big Brother returns Saturday at 9pm on Channel 5.

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