Harmonia Girls' Choir searching for new members

Harmonia Girls' Choir searching for new members

The artistic director of a girls' choir at a Charlottetown church is searching for a new wave of young girls to join the ranks, saying participants will get more than vocal coaching out of the experience.

Kelsea McLean, artistic director of the Harmonia Girls' Choir and the Sirens women's choir at Park Royal United Church, said all girls are welcome to join the Harmonia educational program.

"No auditions, everyone is welcome to come who enjoys to sing and thinks they may like that choir community dynamic," she said.

Though she says they'll do a voice test to see what their skill levels are, McLean said it's a no-pressure environment and encourages girls between the ages of 11 and 18, experienced or not, to attend. The yearly tuition is $125.

She said they'll not only learn to sing, but will make some lasting friendships.

'Really awesome dynamic'

"Because you're getting girls from the preteen to teenager, they're very eager to get to know each other — fast bonds are formed. I believe music making creates really quick friends and long lasting friends," she said.

"It's a really awesome dynamic."

Singers can expect to belt out a "wide array" of tunes, from traditional to folk to pop, jazz, musical theatre and even Russian lullabies, according to McLean.

"Anything I think will be an educational benefit to their vocal development."

From Harmonia to Sirens

Harmonia Girls' Choir didn't start out as a pipeline to the women's Sirens Choir, McLean joked, but she can't help but think of the benefits of it.

"I can't say it started as a recruitment tool but why not? It would be really cool to see some Harmonia girls graduate into Sirens," McLean said.

"Some are really growing to love that choral world."

Those interested can email Kelsea McLean or check out Harmonia's Facebook page.

The Harmonia Choir meets every Tuesday from 6:15-8:15 p.m., starting Sept. 12.

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