'Harry Potter' alum Tom Felton reveals secrets about his YouTube sci-fi series 'Origin'

Tom Felton made his big-screen name in one of cinema’s most beloved and lucrative franchises — Harry Potter, in which he co-starred as the dastardly Draco Malfoy. He’ll again be looking to break novel ground in another genre effort with Origin, a sci-fi series that was just announced at San Diego Comic-Con. And to celebrate that news, he sat down with Yahoo Entertainment to tell us as much as he can about the upcoming project.

“We’re quite excited to be one of their first scripted-content shows on a fairly new platform,” Felton says about Origin, which will air on YouTube Premium, and — from the looks of the below trailer — will be one of the service’s most ambitious endeavors to date. “And I think the show matches it, in setting a new tone and seeing something we’ve never seen before.”

The premise of Origin is a familiar one: Ten strangers wake up on a starship to discover that the rest of their crew have already evacuated the craft, and that instead of being on a new planet, they’re actually floating through deep space. Intrigue soon sets in, and though Felton wouldn’t spill many secrets about the surprises in store for fans, he does admit that “not everyone is who they say they are on the ship.”

To hear more about Origin — which will include numerous flashbacks à la Lost to fill in specifics about its protagonists, and will benefit from the participation of director Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil, Event Horizon) — check out our exclusive chat with Felton above. The show currently has no release date.

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