Have your say: Do you want Trump or Biden to win the election?

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Have your say: Do you want Trump or Biden to win the election?

The 2020 US election is proving to be a dramatic climax to months of campaigning, with the final result coming right down to the wire.

The polls may have predicted a comfortable victory for Democrat Joe Biden, but Donald Trump has yet again surprised the world, winning key states and retaining a much larger share of the vote than predicted by many.

Despite counting continuing in some states, on Wednesday President Trump declared himself winner and insisted he wanted vote counting to stop, saying he would go to the Supreme Court about the “major fraud” that was trying to steal the election from him.

Biden's team hit back, branding the speech “outrageous, unprecedented and incorrect” and saying they would challenge the President over his unsubstantiated claims.

The result of the election was expected to come down to the state of Pennsylvania, with the result potentially days — possibly weeks — away.

The US was on track for a record turnout figure, with around 100 million Americans voting early and steady queues flocking to the polls on Tuesday.

The American electoral college system means each state gets a number of votes roughly in line with its population, with all of them usually going to the winner in that state.

There are a total of 538 votes up for grabs across the country, meaning each candidate needs 270 to win.