Hawksley Workman brings Christmas tunes from Almost a Full Moon album to Sask.

It may have been 16 years since Hawksley Workman first released his holiday album Almost a Full Moon, but the singer is resurrecting his festive tunes for three tour dates in Saskatchewan this week.

The acclaimed troubadour told Shauna Powers, host of CBC Radio's Saskatchewan Weekend, about the shows and some of his Christmas memories on Saturday — and although he's a big fan of the holidays, not all of them full of Christmas cheer.

"As a kid there's a real kind of depression that sets in on the night of Christmas after the presents have been opened and after all of the food has been eaten," said Workman.

"And all of a sudden you can feel your emotions coming to a screeching halt."

He did, though, say he most enjoyed the sense of connection and togetherness during the holidays.

He recalls vivid mental images of his grandma — who inspired Almost a Full Moon — wearing bright yellow dish gloves as she cleaned up the Christmas dinner plates.

"I wanted to make a record that would reflect my love for her," he said.

Almost a Full Moon, released in 2001 and recorded in Paris, France, draws on Workman's nostalgic Christmas memories.

Last year, he rereleased the album in conjunction with a children's book based on the title track's lyrics.

Workman will perform songs from the album in Regina at the Exchange on Dec. 9, and in Saskatoon at Emmanuel Anglican Church on Dec.10 and 11.