Head-ache for Dresden arena

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Plans have been frozen for ice users at the Dresden arena after an equipment malfunction.

“One of the headers is broken. It’s going to require that we remove the ice and repair the header and then put the ice back in,” says CAO Don Shropshire.

Headers are used to lay the brining material that freezes up and cools the ice surface.

Shropshire says they haven’t received confirmation from the company who will do the fix when the arena could reopen. But anyone with ice time shouldn’t hold their breath; “We’re expecting it could be as late as the third week in September,” says Shropshire.

“In the interim period we’re trying to do everything we can to accommodate people that had ice time in Dresden by giving them ice time in another arena.”

He says this could include the Bothwell arena, although the ice has not been put in for the season there yet after hosting a lacrosse camp and roller skate last week.

“It will depend on the volume of ice that’s required and whether we can accommodate people in the other arenas,” says Shropshire of accelerating reopening of other arenas to make up for the lost time in Dresden.

As for planned COVID restrictions for the upcoming season, Shropshire says there will be capacity limits along with social distancing and mask wearing requirements. Arena users are also asked to continue self-screening and stay home if they show any virus symptoms.

Doors won’t be locked during sessions however, and people are free to come and go as they please.

Alex Kurial, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent

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