Founder of brain injury group to step down as leader

Founder of brain injury group to step down as leader

The man who founded and ran the Brain Injury Association of PEI is stepping down from his position as executive director on Oct. 28.

Kenneth Murnaghan, who started the organization 10 years ago said it was a hard decision but this seemed to be the right time to do it. 

"It means a whole lot to me, it's one of my passions. It's helping people, you know, find ways to straighten out their life. A lot of the brain injury survivors had living problems, cognitive difficulties and behaviour problems."

Murnaghan said the association was started after he talked to people with brain injuries and he found they wanted something to do so. 

More awareness

When asked what he felt he had achieved, Murnaghan said he feels the association has created a greater awareness of brain injuries. 

"It was one of the main goals of what I wanted to do." 

Murnaghan said he also did a lot of fundraising to help fund the association and its programs. 

After 10 years, Murnaghan said the biggest issue facing those with brain injuries is access to services. He added more needs to be done for those suffering and for those trying to help them. 

One area Murnaghan has been successful in raising awareness is encouraging people to wear helmets while cycling. 

"I myself was in a bicycle accident and received a brain injury." 

Murnaghan has planned a conference for Oct. 27 called Let's Talk Brain Injuries for health care workers. The conference is also open to people with brain injuries, their friends and families.

"We want to get people to think about brain injuries in a different light." 

Murnaghan said he's not sure what will happen with the group once he's gone, but says a meeting is being held Oct. 18 to discuss it.

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