Head-on collision with truck narrowly averted, caught on harrowing dashcam video

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Chantal Cheeseman was nearly struck head-on by another driver on Wednesday.  (Carolyn Stokes/CBC - image credit)
Chantal Cheeseman was nearly struck head-on by another driver on Wednesday. (Carolyn Stokes/CBC - image credit)
Carolyn Stokes/CBC
Carolyn Stokes/CBC

Chantal Cheeseman was returning home for dinner near St. Lawrence, N.L., on Wednesday, when a terrifying few seconds — caught on dashcam video — saw her swerving to avoid an oncoming truck in her lane, narrowly avoiding a head-on collision.

Cheeseman wasn't the only lucky motorist. In the video, two other drivers swerve to avoid the truck.

"As soon as I seen the truck in front of me swerve I looked ahead and the truck was coming at me and I just swerved off the road," Cheeseman told CBC News.

In the video Cheeseman is in the second vehicle avoiding collision. The vehicle behind her — the one that captured the entire event on video — was clipped by the oncoming driver and ended up in a ditch, she said.

It was a scary situation for everyone involved, she said.

"I was thinking about my life, really. It flashed before my eyes," she said. "If I didn't turn my wheel as fast as what I did, it could have been a head-on collision."

After taking a moment to collect herself, Cheeseman said, she checked to make sure the driver who was hit was OK, then called the police.

She said the driver of the truck stopped a short distance away, still on the wrong side of the road, came back to the scene, gave the driver he hit his father's contact information and then sped away, all while she was on the phone with police. Cheeseman said police caught up with the driver in Lewin's Cove, about five minutes away by car.

She said she hasn't stopped thinking about what happened, and how quickly things can happen while you're behind the wheel.

"It's not just wildlife on the road. It's the people, too," she said.

"Always pay attention when you're driving, especially to the drivers. Don't pass on a solid line and don't pass on a blind hill. Like seriously, don't be stupid."

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