Health minister cool to NSLC proposal for home booze delivery

·1 min read

Health Minister Leo Glavine isn't popping a cork in celebration of the idea of home delivery by the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.

Earlier this week, the corporation posted a tender looking for potential partners for a delivery service for alcohol. The NSLC already delivers cannabis products through mail order in partnership with Canada Post. Assuming the idea went ahead, NSLC officials have said they're aiming for spring 2021.

But the health minister isn't sure it should.

"It's an area that would cause me to have a high degree of concern and wonderment about this initiative if it were to go through," Glavine told reporters following Thursday's cabinet meeting.

"Availability and, very often, excessive consumption go hand in hand."

Glavine said he'd only learned of the proposal after it hit the news. He's not had time to discuss it with NSLC officials, his deputy minister or Dr. Robert Strang, the province's chief medical officer of health, to consider its appropriateness.

NDP Leader Gary Burrill said a great degree of consideration should be given before the idea is pursued.

Home delivery of alcohol is the province is already available from a variety of breweries, wineries and other private businesses.