Health minister says detox centres will not close in Nova Scotia

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Health Minister Leo Glavine says his government has no plans to close detox centres around the province.

The Nova Scotia Health Authority received a consultant's report last fall that, among other things, recommended closing some detox centres and consolidating other services.

Glavine told reporters in Halifax on Thursday he is "not a proponent" of such a move.

"That is one report of a number," he said. "Closing is not part of the current plan."

Looking to integrate system

The minister said the challenge his department is confronting is there are not enough recovery homes and long-term care for people who have emerged from opioid detoxing.

Glavine's comments come a day after his new deputy minister, Denise Perret, also said there were no plans to close centres.

"What the government is interested in is ensuring that we have … programs and plans in place that serve the needs of communities, and we know it's not a one-size-fits-all," she told reporters.

'Takes some thought and care'

Perret said the department and health authority are trying to shift from a "fragmented, disjointed system into a co-ordinated and integrated system."

"That's a concept that researchers, think tanks have been telling us we need to look at for many years now."

That means organizing a part of the system that's a mix of private and public and how they get the right model "takes some thought and care," said Perret.