Health Unit conducting phone surveys

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In the coming days, you may get a phone call to ask about your perceptions, beliefs and behaviours related to COVID-19.

C-K Public Health is partnering with Ipsos, a Canadian-based market research and public opinion firm, to conduct a community survey that will better explain perceived risk and concern related to the COVID-19 pandemic

Ipsos interviewers will be calling a random selection of households in Chatham-Kent over the next two weeks.

The questions will cover various topics, including the perceived risk and concerns related to COVID-19, opinions on COVID-19 public health measures and COVID-19 and influenza vaccination intention and beliefs.

The survey is entirely voluntary. Residents can choose not to participate in the survey or choose to decline specific survey questions if they are not comfortable answering.

“In addition to questions about perceptions, beliefs and behaviours related to COVID-19, the interviewers will ask general questions such as age, gender, education, employment status, income, and ethnicity to help better understand the survey responses,” read a statement on the health unit’s website.

According to the Health Unit, the interviewers will not ask for residents’ names, addresses, or other personal information such as banking information or Social Insurance Number.

The survey is expected to take around 15 minutes to complete and is entirely voluntary.

Bird Bouchard, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Ridgetown Independent News