#HealthBytes: 5 common myths about masturbation busted

Sagar Malik

#HealthBytes: 5 common myths about masturbation busted
#HealthBytes: 5 common myths about masturbation busted

09 Aug 2018: #HealthBytes: 5 common myths about masturbation busted

Myths about masturbation have been around since a long time, because people have given it a bad rap, citing various untrue mental and physical health concerns.

Now, getting to the point, stimulating your genitals for sexual pleasure is completely healthy and normal for your overall psychological and physiological well-being.

Here are 5 common myths about masturbation, and why they don't make any sense.

Genital Damange: Myth#1: Masturbation can damage your genitals

People have been duped into believing that regular masturbation can cause serious damage to genitals, and lead to threatening conditions like penile fractures and erectile dysfunction.

But truth be told, rubbing and stroking of genitals is completely normal, since human private-parts have evolved to be strong and resilient for these obvious acts.

However, to avoid rashes and chafing, use of natural lubricants is recommended.

Mental health: Myth#2: Masturbation can cause several mental health issues

Another widely propagated lie about masturbation is that it can cause a number of mental health issues among those who practise it.

But, if the word of medical experts is anything to go by, un-obsessive and controlled practice of self-love is a normal dimension of one's sexuality, with no mental-health side-effects.

That said, obsessive masturbation could actually take a toll on your health.

Pimples, Blindness: Myth#3: Masturbation can cause acne, and make you go blind

Experts suggest that these myths were born in times when sex was seen simply as a way of reproduction, and not as a means of pleasure.

At that time, masturbation (as it doesn't facilitate procreation) was considered abnormal, and harmful for general good health.

Common medical sense says that there's no connection between masturbating and acne, or your eye health for that matter.

Sperm Loss: Myth#4: Men who masturbate will run out of sperms

It is wrongly believed that men who practise masturbation are wasting their sperms, and will one day run out of their sperm-count, thus becoming infertile.

But in actuality, sperm production is an unending, natural process of the testicles, that starts in puberty, and continues all throughout.

However, frequent masturbation among men is known to actually reduce semen volume and density per ejaculation.

Sexual Performance: Myth#5: Regular masturbation will make you bad in bed

It is generally said that regular masturbation will reduce your sexual stamina and affect your performance in bed.

On the other hand, medical experts believe that self-stimulation can actually help individuals understand their sexuality better.

Additionally, it can help women find their G-spot, that would further enhance sexual pleasure.