Healthcare providers play 'He's a 10 but… baby daddy edition': 'Where do men find the audacity?'

A group of medical professionals has a lot of feelings about all the baby daddies out there.

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TikToker and labor and delivery healthcare provider @egelson99 created her version of the popular “They’re a 10 but…” meme, also known as “The Rating Game.”

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The game is easy; a person starts with “He’s a 10, but he…” then they add a trait in the hypothetical scenario. The other game players adjust the fictional person’s score based on the behavior.

As you might imagine, in the case of baby daddies, medical professionals see a lot of questionable and interesting behavior in the delivery room. So it was only natural they created “He’s a 10, but… baby daddy edition.”

“He’s a 10, but he leaves mid-delivery,” @egelson99 said.

His score was adjusted to a two by another player.

“He’s a two, but he kisses her on the forehead after she delivers,” she said.

His score was upgraded to a 10 by the player.

“He’s a 10, but he tells her she doesn’t need an epidural,” she said.

“That’s a negative,” her coworker responded.

Some of the other scenarios she put forth were: “He’s a two, but he cries at delivery,” “He’s a 10 but he brings his Xbox to delivery,” and lastly, “He’s an eight but he tells the doctor to put in an extra stitch.”

The video received 7.1 million views and 1.1 million likes on TikTok.

“That last one is a DIVORCE,” someone joked.

“If my husband ever asked for an extra stitch, he would no longer be my husband, lol. Where do men find their audacity!!?” another said.

“Leaves mid-delivery? He better be packed and gone when I get home,” a person commented.

“I WISH we would have brought an Xbox or something. I was so bored watching reruns on HGTV,” another added.

“My husband kissed me on the head after I delivered each of our babies and cried every time. He’s a 100!” someone shared.

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