Hear Strathroy is getting a clinic?

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STRATHROY - A hearing clinic will open shop at 70 Carroll Street in the power centre.

A rezoning application amendment was made for the address by Strathroy Skyline Retail Real Estate Holdings Inc. - IBI Group for one clinic use.

The report given by senior Planner Tim William was followed by a statement from the applicants’ agent David Galbraith. “I’ve had an opportunity to review the staff report and I agree with the recommendations contained therein. As Tim had discussed, my client is proposing a Connect Hearing outlet on the site which does and will contain sales, maintenance, and replacement of hearing as well as the diagnostic service as well, which is why the application is being advanced. The applications are fairly minor in my view, these types of uses are regularly seen in other commercial plazas. But it is that diagnostic service, which has triggered the application in this case,” said Galbraith following William’s presentation.

Concerns came from Coun. Hipple and Coun. Kennes over parking accessibility in the location and pedestrian safety.

Addressing these concerns Williams noted the future development parcel belongs to an adjacent property owner who presented an application back in 2019.

“They have been working with staff on a site plan application. And I would imagine that would be coming forward. As soon as they can make things happen on the parking should be supportive of each individual block. Each will have to meet their own. parking requirements; this building and all of its units meet the parking standard of the day when it went forward. Two accessible parking spaces that are to be on the property and we could explore to ensure that those are in fact there. Explained Williams adding that. At this stage, they are not proposing any changes to the physical building.”

The recommendation was made by Deputy Mayor Richards and seconded by Coun. Brennan, the motion was carried.

Damon MacLean, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner

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