Heartwarming Moment Nurse Breastfed Crying Baby To Calm Him Down For Surgery


This is the heartwarming moment a nurse breastfed a crying 1-month-old boy to calm him down before an operation.

The panicked infant was bawling his eyes out at Guangming Hospital in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, after being administered a local anaesthetic.

He was due to have an abscess removed, but the surgery couldn’t go ahead until he’d relaxed, according to local media.


Nurse Li Baoxia, who had just become a new mother, suspected that the boy needed a feed.

So, after gaining permission from the child’s father, she acted as a temporary wet nurse and quickly breastfed him.


He incredibly calmed down and stopped crying so that the doctors could perform the operation.

Lead surgeon Zhao Zhengyuan said he was “very moved” by Baoxia’s actions as he’d been planning to cancel the surgery entirely.


The baby’s father also showed his gratitude to Baoxia following the incident.

The two were seen shaking hands inside the waiting area after the emotional moment.

(Pictures credited to CEN)

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