This Heated Blanket Is My Secret to Surviving Minnesota Winters

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This Heated Blanket Is My Secret to Surviving Minnesota Winters

This Heated Blanket Is the Secret to Surviving Minnesota Winters

My family swears by the under-$60 winter essential.

While true Minnesotans take pride in embracing cold weather, I find myself shivering from October to May. Don’t get me wrong, fall and winter are my favorite seasons. I love watching the leaves change, enjoying winter sports and activities, and waking up to a fresh blanket of snow outside. Although there’s an undeniable feeling of magic around the winter months, I always hate being cold, especially indoors.

When I step outside and into the polar vortex that is winter in the Midwest, I prepare myself with the proper gear, like a puffer coat that goes to my knees, waterproof boots, a warm hat, and a pair of mittens. But being cold inside is something I don’t handle with grace. Speaking as someone who wraps herself in blankets from morning to night no matter the season, I can confidently say investing in a heated blanket was a no-brainer—and this electric blanket from Amazon has been a total life-saver.

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The Biddeford electric heated blanket is made from 100 percent polyester that feels like a soft, lightweight fleece. The ultra-thin wires are spread throughout the entire blanket; in fact, they're so small, I barely notice them. What really sold me on this one over any other heated blanket was the 10 temperature settings. The first three levels are a gentle way to enhance the coziness, and settings four to six keep me comfortably warm while sleeping. If I really need to defrost after braving a blizzard, six to seven get the blanket hot and toasty in just a few minutes.

Another thing to consider is size, and this blanket ranges from twin to king. The twin and full blankets include one controller, and the queen and king sizes feature a dual heat zone with two controllers, which is ideal for couples.

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If you use the blanket along with your comforter (like I do), you’ll have peace of mind knowing it automatically shuts off after 10 hours. The best part? It’s machine-washable for easy cleaning; just be sure to read the care instructions before washing.

My family has loved this heated blanket for years. We even purchased a few more over time to ensure that we always have some on hand at our home and at our cabin in northern Minnesota where temperatures are even more frigid. We like giving them as gifts, too.

To buy: From $58;

If you’re somehow skeptical about the opinion of a girl who lives in a climate where temperatures can drop below Antarctica’s on any given day in the winter, take it from the hundreds of Amazon shoppers who gave it five stars.

“I ordered this blanket over 3 months ago and have used it nearly every night since,” one reviewer said. “It maintains a terrific, steady heat all night and I don’t know how I ever slept without it!”

Another wrote, “I sent this to my friend who lives in Michigan and to say she was happy is really just not good enough. She is totally thrilled. She has health problems and arthritis so the heat really helps her get comfortable, warm and cozy in all the softness.”

And just in case you’re wondering: Yes, I wrote this story with my favorite heated blanket wrapped around me.

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