Heavy rainfall leads to flooding in parts of southern Quebec

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Heavy rainfall leads to flooding in parts of southern Quebec

Dozens of people were ordered to leave their homes as rivers across southern Quebec are overflowing, leading to flooding of basements and property damage.

In the Brompton borough of ​​Sherbrooke, Que., an ice jam on the Saint-François River caused damage overnight Friday as the railway bridge washed out.

A path for bikes and snowmobiles also collapsed.

Firefighters were also called to the scene to assist a person whose vehicle went into the river.

No one was injured.

During the same period, 70 people were evacuated from homes in ​Cookshire-Eaton, Que., when the Eaton River swelled up over the banks.

"The water level increased so rapidly — I've never seen that," said Samuel Lapointe, who lives in the area.

Meanwhile in the Quebec City area, the Montmorency River overflowed, forcing about a dozen residents of Beauport to leave their homes.

The area received 42 millimetres of rain since Thursday, compared with about half that amount in the Sainte-Foy neighbourhood of Quebec City.

People in the Duberger-Les Saules neighbourhood also experienced basement flooding.

Firefighters in the area were out Saturday helping people exit their homes.

People in Sherbrooke were also affected by the heavy rain, with waters seeping into basements in the Rock Forest area.

"I woke up at 7:45 a.m. and there was an inch and a half of water in my basement," said resident Christine Brochu.

The rain turned to snow late Friday night and many parts of the province are expecting continued snowfall through Saturday.