Heavy rainfall, thunderstorms to hit Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent

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Many parts of Windsor-Essex experienced significant flooding on Friday July 16. (Darrin Di Carlo/CBC - image credit)
Many parts of Windsor-Essex experienced significant flooding on Friday July 16. (Darrin Di Carlo/CBC - image credit)

Heavy rainfall is expected to hit the Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent region on Tuesday morning and last throughout the evening into Wednesday.

Shortly before 5 a.m., Environment Canada issued a rainfall warning for Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent.

The weather authority projects heavy showers throughout the day, turning into thunderstorms later Tuesday evening. Approximately 50 to 60 mm of rain is expected to hit the region by Thursday morning.

According to Brian Owsiak, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, the rainfall could be a "significant event."

"The amounts could be, starting at between 50 and 60, it is possible to actually get 75 or perhaps 100 mm," Owsiak said.

Owsiak expects the heavy rain to begin on Tuesday evening and last into Wednesday.

According to a warning issued by Environment Canada, the rainfall is a result of a cold front and moisture from a low pressure system coming in from the American Midwest.

Owsiak said due to the mix of the low pressure system and cold front, cooler air is being drawn in from regions in northern Ontario.

"We're actually probably going to have a couple days of the below seasonal temperatures," he said.

Residents are reminded to watch out for flash floods, water pooling and poor visibility on the roadways caused by heavy downpours.

Ahead of the rainfall, city officials said there are steps residents can take to reduce the risk of flooding. They include:

  • Ensuring your downspouts are not connected to the municipal drain system to prevent potential sewer backups.

  • Grading the land around your home so that water flows away from your foundation.

  • Clearing eavestroughs of leaves and debris, and ensuring catch basins on the street are clear as well.

  • Checking your sump pump to make sure it is operational.

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