Heavy rains, flooding possible for parts of province this weekend

Warmer temperatures and a complex weather system are threatening to wreak havoc on parts of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment has asked municipalities to ensure roads, ditches and drains are clear of debris prior to the start of this weekend's heavy rain and high winds.

In many areas of the province, flooding is a possibility.

Rain and wind will hit hardest on the southwest coast. The Port aux Basques and Connaigre Peninsula areas can expect 40-70 millimetres of rain, with the potential for 100 mm in some spots.

Winds will be strongest in the Wreckhouse area, with southeasterly gusts predicted upwards of 140 k/mh.

The Burin Peninsula can expect 35 to 50 mm of rain, while the remainder of the island will see between 15 and 35 mm.

Temperatures across the island will be above zero, with the warmest days expected in central, where the mercury could hit 9 degrees.

Information on emergency preparedness is available at www.getprepared.gc.ca