Heckya revamps job board program

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Heckya Media Group have redesigned their job board platform for Wheatland County from the ground up, making it easier to use for both job seekers and employers.

Cody Holdaway, junior executive assistant for Heckya Media Group, said the platform is the result of a collaboration between several local bodies and is aimed at making job hunting a much easier process.

“We’ve teamed up with a lot of local partners, including the surrounding municipalities, overnight shelters and different nonprofit organizations to really develop a new way for people in the county and Strathmore area to find temporary work,” said Holdaway. “From the ground up, we have developed a completely digital platform where you can now post on our live job boards.”

There are two boards which comprise the service: one being for potential employees to post their availability for employers to look at and the other being for employers to post jobs for applicants to find opportunities which could lead to part or full-time employment.

The Temployment program originally launched roughly a year ago, but at the time was a much more hands-on process for applicants and employers to set up and maintain.

“Within the last couple of months, we really sat down and redeveloped it from the ground up on a new platform … that runs itself,” said Holdaway. “There was a need in the community – there are employers who need employees and the employees also need the work.”

The job boards on Temployment currently host postings for general or skilled labour, ranging from trades to office work. Holdaway explained the idea is to have something for everyone who is looking for work to find something that matches their skillset.

Ultimately, the goal is to get people in Strathmore and Wheatland County working, get them connected and in a position where their finances may stabilize.

Holdaway added, early reports from the new program have shown increased interest and usage as opposed to the previous design.

“With the old platform, because it was a lot harder for users to use, there wasn’t an uptake in users, but now that we have developed our new platform we are starting to see that increase in businesses posting on the job board,” said Holdaway,

Heckya will also soon be in talks with Siksika Council about adding a job board which would support businesses within Siksika Nation.

Temployment is a completely free service for everyone to use and get involved in. Anyone who is on the employment market is encouraged to jump in and get connected.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times

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