Dodge Durango Hellcat teased in 'Fast and Furious' spot is real, headed to New York

Byron Hurd

"Hellcat all the things" has become a bit of a meme, and it appears Dodge is either in on the joke, non-ironically committed to the concept, or maybe a little bit of both. What makes us say that? Well, this commercial FCA has introduced to coincide with the release of the trailer of the latest "Fast and Furious" film appears to depict a Durango SUV powered by FCA's supercharged menace. 

The horsepower Gods are pleased. 

Credit for this find goes to the fine (and eagle-eyed) folks at Road & Track, who spotted the fender badge at approximately the 17-second mark in the embedded commercial.

There's nothing really ambiguous about this one. The badge is shown prominently on the fender of the mystery vehicle, which isn't much of a mystery at all. It's a Dodge and it's not a Charger or Challenger. Let's not overthink this. 

Immediately after, the camera cuts to what is obviously a Durango silhouette, but we can't see a whole lot in the glare of its headlights. 

Durango Hellcat teaser 2

It also makes sense from a product cycle perspective, as the Durango is well past the point where it has received its AARP card and we're not necessarily expecting a replacement. The three-row slot in FCA's lineup may go exclusively to Jeep once all is said and done. 

We know (or have heard rumors) that other variants of the family SUV are in the pipeline, making it clear that FCA plans to milk the aging three-row for all it's worth. 

More importantly, a mild facelift may accompany the rumored updates, which would conveniently explain why Dodge obscured the Durango's front end in the teaser. 

If there's any downside to this, it's that FCA is going to run out of vehicles eventually. With the Ram Rebel TRX well underway and now this, there just aren't many vehicles left in FCA's various brand lineups that can physically accommodate a supercharged, 6.2-liter V8. 

Hopefully they have Sawzalls.

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