Hello, I Have a Hunch Sophie Turner Hates Being a #JSister

Emma Baty
Photo credit: Jeff Kravitz - Getty Images

From Seventeen

It was a dark and cold November day when I first saw it—an article on this here site, Cosmopolitan, declaring the horrible news—Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra, and Danielle Jonas had officially dubbed themselves the #JSisters.

The hashtag first appeared in an Insta Story from Priyanka’s bachelorette party, put there by Priyanka herself, and thus, a star branding campaign was born. In the months since, the hashtag has become a crucial part of the Jonas Brothers’ reunion social media blitz, with the sisters in question adding it to most of the pictures they post together. But I have a sneaking suspicion Sophie secretly hates this entire thing.

Let me be clear. I’m not trying to argue Sophie doesn’t like Priyanka and Danielle. They hang out All. The. Time. Anyone who gets along with their in-laws that well should get a medal, frankly. What I’m saying is, Sophie doesn’t subscribe to the JSister mentality as much as we’ve been led to believe. She’s not as invested in the JSisters branding or hashtag, and I’m here to show you the receipts.

Let’s start with a photo, in which her face screams, “I’m smiling, but my publicist did not approve this JSisters Instagram wall.”

And I’ll drop these photos where Danielle and Priyanka both used the JSisters brand name. There are a lot of options, but I’ll limit it to these few.

Sophie, meanwhile, has only used the phrase, like, two times on all her social media platforms. There was this instance, where she didn’t even hashtag it and she also spelled it wrong.

I see her saying “sistas” instead of “sisters” as a silent protest. Try to tell me I’m wrong.

And there was this other time, where she looks high-key bored.

I’m not kidding, I went back fairly deep in her social and that’s all I could find.

The problem with the JSisters concept is that it’s so damn cheesy. It’s almost like when your mom buys you and your brother matching sweaters for Christmas and makes you wear them to your grandma’s house the day of. Will it look good in the pictures? Yes. Is it ridiculous? Also yes.

Sophie isn’t cheesy though. Sophie is a Cool Girl. She is an ambassador for Louis Vuitton and has tiny tats. She seems like the girl who would not have done her hair for school picture day because it looked better when she had just rolled out of bed. That image doesn’t particularly align with naming the girl group you’re in with your sisters-in-law.

To be clear, I think it’s really f*cking heartwarming that these women are so close, but I don’t feel like they need to brand themselves for the world to know they like each other. Therefore, I officially request that the #JSisters hashtag be retired for the rest of eternity, never to see the light of day. Thank you for your time.

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