Judge reserves sentencing decision for Hells Angel Rob Allen convicted of cocaine trafficking

A judge has reserved his sentencing decision for Hells Angel Rob Allen who was convicted of cocaine trafficking in February.

The conviction of the 36-year-old resulted from the massive police investigation known as Project Forseti. More than a dozen homes and businesses were raided across Alberta and Saskatchewan. Drugs, weapons and cash were seized. Dozens of charges were laid.

In Allen's case, Crown witness Noel Harder testified he worked undercover with the RCMP trying to get evidence that Allen was organizing the movement of cocaine between the two provinces.

Harder acknowledged he never actually got any cocaine from Allen. However, in his decision, Justice Grant Currie noted that there was no need to prove a deal took place or that there was even a sincere offer to deal drugs to make a trafficking conviction.

During the trial, Allen testified that Harder pestered him constantly about using his contacts with Hells Angels in Ontario to get cocaine.

Under questioning from the Crown, Allen insisted he never had any way of actually getting cocaine delivered to Saskatoon, but said he strung Harder along in order to avoid losing his source of OxyContin, which he became hooked on after injuring his back.

Harder acknowledged he never actually got any cocaine from Allen.

In September, Allen pleaded guilty to possessing 27 OxyContin and hydromorphone pills and a set of brass knuckles. He was fined $585 in provincial court.

Allen is a full-patch member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, according to an agreed statement of facts in the case.

The sentencing was heard at Saskatoon's Court of Queen's Bench.

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