I Need Help Figuring Out This Timotheé Chalamet-Kylie Jenner Situation

celebrity sightings in new york city july 26, 2023
Are Timotheé Chalamet and Kylie Jenner Together?Gotham - Getty Images

Leave it to Queen Bey to drag Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet out of the shadows. All summer rumors have swirled around their unlikely courtship, which was confirmed this weekend when they attended Beyonce’s Renaissance concert. TMZ obtained videos of Jenner and Chalamet cozying up in the VIP section. I hate to burst everyone’s they’d never get together bubble, but the evidence doesn't lie.

According to publications such as ET Online and Page Six, Jenner and her new beau have been keeping things “low-key.” Up until this weekend, the two lovebirds had never been spotted publicly. Not even once. I understand wanting to keep a relationship private—especially when Kardashians and Fremen are involved—but avoiding cameras for nearly five months is impressive.

Now that we know they’re the real deal, I have questions. Loads of ‘em. First of all, whose idea was it to see Beyoncé? Is Lil' Timmy Tim part of the BeyHive or did his new beau suggest it? Also, What on earth do they talk about? Has Chalamet met Jenner's kids? Has she helped the actor practice his Bob Dylan voice? Do they meander about Jenner's mega-mansion Call Me By Your Name-style, exchanging longing looks and unbridled passion? If so, have they invested in tissues? Because Call Me By Your Name doesn't end well.

According to Elle, the duo's relationship began in the spring, sparking dating rumors back in April. Since then, a source revealed that the couple made it a priority to hang out, despite their busy schedules. “Kylie and Timothée are still seeing each other when they can,” the source said. “Kylie is busy with work and traveling a lot, but they make time for each other when it works and both like each other. They’re keeping things low-key and chill for now, but get along great and have fun together.”

OK, sure. But what about the breakup rumors? Was their Renaissance appearance the rich people version of a Netflix and chill reunion? Or where they never broken up to begin with? A few weeks ago, yet another tabloid (Life & Style), claimed that Chalamet kicked Jenner to wherever the sandworms live. An unidentified source said that Jenner is “telling people that things between them naturally fizzled out because they’re both busy and traveling." Meanwhile, friends are "whispering" that she was dumped.

celebrity sightings in new york city july 26, 2023
"eatin pizza wbu?"Gotham - Getty Images

Oh, but there's more! The tabloids continued to spin madly on. Neither Chalamet nor Jenner responded to the breakup rumor, but following those reports, TMZ contacted people who are “close to the couple” to get the story straight. “Our sources say everything is cool between the two,” TMZ reported. “They’re still an item and any reports that say otherwise are false.” One of TMZ's sources urged fans, “not to believe everything they read.”

Perhaps it’s time to put the rumors to rest once and for all. Miss Jenner and Mr. Chalamet are clearly more than friends. If they want to kiss in crowds and keep things “low-key,” we should let them do so in peace. Here's to all the happiness, chocolate, and lip kits this beautiful life has to offer.

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