Helpful motorist refused person's demands

Suspected scammers appear to be becoming more brazen following a roadside incident this week on Thunder Bay's outskirts that was looked into by city police.
According to a social-media post, a man standing beside a car on Wardrope Avenue demanded a motorist's personal information after the motorist — believing the man was in distress — stopped to offer assistance.
The post claimed the man said his credit card had been locked. But he declined an offer of $20 in cash, and instead angrily insisted the motorist provide a name and telephone number, the post said.
The motorist reportedly did not provide a number and drove away.
A Thunder Bay Police Service spokesman said Wednesday "police were contacted about the incident described in that social-media post, but were unable to locate (a suspect) vehicle."
Police usually advise to withhold personal information, including phone and bank numbers, from people they don't know.

Carl Clutchey, Local Journalism Initiative reporter, The Chronicle-Journal