Henry Winkler prevented teen from jumping to his death

Henry Winkler visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he shared a story about a life or death phone call he received on the set of Happy Days. An Illinois state trooper called him because a 17-year-old young man was threatening to jump to his death and he would only talk to Winkler.

Winkler played Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, aka The Fonz, on the hit television series. He was a fan favorite and an A-list celebrity at the time.

Winkler admitted, “I don't know where I got the nerve to take the phone and start talking to this kid.” The jumper, who Winkler referred to as John, was upset because he had not had any success as an actor. Winkler told him, “I was 27 when I got the Fonz, John. I think you've got 10 good years to keep trying.” Winkler’s talk worked wonders and John ultimately decided he wanted to live.