Herb Garnishes Will Take Your Lobster Rolls To The Next Level

lobster rolls on plate
lobster rolls on plate - Stephanie Rapone/Tasting Table

The satisfying luxury of biting into decadent pieces of lobster sandwiched between buttery, toasted bread should leave no craving unaddressed. If you've set out to make lobster rolls in the comfort of your own kitchen, make sure this recipe gets the full attention it deserves. Though serving up perfectly cooked lobster with garlicky bread is already a solid effort, taking the extra step to crown your subs with an assortment of fresh herbs will brighten your meal -- all with minimal extra culinary work on your part.

Topping lobster rolls with chopped fresh chives and tarragon brings added flavors and colors to an already delicious dish. The mild presence of tarragon offers just enough punch without being a distraction, while versatile chives invite a subtle essence of garlic and onion to your fluffy lobster rolls. Once you've experimented with sprinkling fresh garden herbs onto the top of each sandwich, a whole new world of gastronomic delights is at the ready. Need inspiration? We have more ideas for you.

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Invite Herbs To Your Lobster Roll Party

garden herbs and lemon wedges
garden herbs and lemon wedges - Stephanie Rapone/Tasting Table

Chopped fresh parsley and dill can also brighten a standard lobster roll, and both sage and rosemary can help build fresh yet deeper dimensions to your dish. If you don't have garden herbs at the ready, consider using infused oils to drizzle onto your plated dishes instead, or reach for compound butter to lather up your rolls before toasting them to golden perfection. And, of course, don't miss finishing the dish with a quick squeeze of lemon.

Creamy dips and aioli made with herbs can be served on the side of your lobster rolls for eaters to dress their own meals as they prefer, and french fries seasoned with rosemary can offer a lovely complementary dish to round out this comforting meal. For a final flourish, top your sandwich with a powdery sprinkle of paprika, and you have yourself a dish that not only looks pleasing to behold but will leave no crumbs behind once served. In fact, this spruced-up meal may even rival a lobster roll order at one of your favorite coastal restaurants.

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